Business Directory

There can be no doubt that small businesses, which help form the backbone of our local communities, have been hit very hard by restrictive measures caused by lockdowns. They are in need of our support and, by directing our spending power accordingly, we can help to become part of the solution and redirect wealth back to the real economy and away from large corporations.

Some small businesses do not support Covid passes and put principles of freedom, fairness, equality and bodily autonomy above profit. They have pledged not to discriminate on the basis of their customers’ health choices and we embrace this approach.

Three websites that hold directories of businesses which are pro-choice are ‘Against Vaccine Passports’, ‘Awakened Pages’ and ‘Freedom Business Community’.

You can find businesses within your local area via our Berkshire, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey directories.

Should you be a small business owner within Kent or Surrey and would like to be listed on our pages, please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing with details of your business.