Further Viewing

Monopoly – Who Owns the World?

A highly regarded documentary by Dutch creator Tim Gielen, Monopoly lifts the veil on the small but powerful network of super rich globalists that use their power and wealth to control and manipulate the entire world and determine our social and financial order. The film reveals the institutional investment firms that sit at the top of the pyramid of control in the hope that, with the agenda exposed, better ways can be found to rebuild our world. The documentary can be found below translated into English.

The Dimming

Geoengineering Watch’s groundbreaking documentary ‘The Dimming’ conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations including solar radiation management. Atmospheric particle testing has been performed on lingering jet aircraft trails, commonly visible in our skies, which shows that these are not just condensation trails. What will the consequences be if geoengineering operations are allowed? ‘The Dimming’ documentary poses these questions and many more.

This Pivotal Moment

This Pivotal Moment is a thought provoking short film which exposes the dangers of the global roll out of health passports and how this will usher in a completely new type of totalitarian surveillance state at the expense of our individual freedom and rights.

Professor Mattias Desmet Talks to the Children’s Union

Professor Mattias Desmet is an expert in Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. In the wake of the pandemic, he has been widely interviewed about the phenomenon of “mass formation” which he believes has afflicted our society having arisen out of free floating anxiety. Mass formation is a type of collective hypnosis impacting on an individual’s intelligence and cognitive functioning, and is characterised by ritualistic behaviour and aggression towards dissident voices. He nevertheless calls for those speaking out to continue doing so in order to disturb the hypnosis.

Paul Schreyer: Pandemic Simulation Games

For more than 20 years, pandemic scenarios have been repeatedly rehearsed in simulation exercises. This includes Event 201 which took place in October 2019, immediately preceding the coronavirus outbreak, and after which many measures which had been rehearsed and discussed for years were put into practice. Paul Schreyer’s presentation, in German but with an English voice over and subtitles, chronologically traces how these exercises came about from the 1990s onwards, who organised them and how they parallel the current situation.

Dr Sam Bailey – Covid-19: Behind the PCR Curtain

Dr Sam Bailey is a research physician who has worked in general practice, telehealth and clinical trials. She has also co-authored the latest edition of the highly rated book ‘Virus Mania’. Dr Bailey creates educational health videos and has the largest YouTube health channel in New Zealand – but much of her content surrounding Covid-19 has been removed for not conforming to the official narrative. Instead, these videos can be found on her Odysee channel here.

In ‘Covid-19: Behind the PCR Curtain’, Dr Bailey digs deeper into PCR testing amid the ever growing case and infection rates as well as “Covid death” numbers. Does the alleged gold standard – the RT-PCR Test – actually test for SARS-CoV-2?

Johnny’s Cash and the Smart Money Nightmare

Richard D Hall’s ‘Johnny’s Cash and the Smart Money Nightmare’ portrays how the proposed changes to our monetary system could have devastating effects and result in the biggest removal of liberty in modern history.

Matt Le Tissier – On the Record (Oracle Films)

Former professional footballer, Matt Le Tissier, speaks to Oracle Films about the alarming increase in professional athletes experiencing cardiac issues and other serious complications which is rocking the sporting world. He raises concerns about the pandemic response, adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, apparent vested interests and how the pharmaceutical companies are indemnified against legal action.