#SmartPhoneFree Mondays

Lawyers of Light started this campaign so that people can begin to free themselves from the slavery of their hand held tracking device.

Get on board. Get your friends on board. Its time to start reclaiming our freedom and our sovereignty and moving away from these hand held tracking and monitoring tools.

An explanation about the SmartPhoneFree Monday campaign

SmartPhoneFree Monday is an initiative to help people to begin to release themselves from the prison of smartphones, which are nothing more than hand held tracking devices, useful to those that want to impose digital slavery upon people.

You only need to look at the video taken in Aldi in London yesterday to see how they are intrinsically linked to reducing freedoms. In that video it clearly shows that anyone wishing to shop in the store needs to download an app and obtain a QR code just to enter the shop itself, proving that smartphones are a key tool in the weaponry of those wishing to curtail freedoms and liberty, through digital means.

  • It is not necessary for anyone to have a smartphone. They are simply a convenience tool. Convenience is the death knell of freedom.
  • If you wish to have a mobile, have one. It doesn’t have to be a smartphone.
  • Institutions requiring people to download an app and obtain a QR code just to use services are helping to usher in digital totalitarianism. It is clearly an easy step from there to only allow QR codes to “go green” and allow entry to stores, subject to how obedient someone has been towards the nanny state’s demands, including medical compliance.
  • In addition, such requirements create digital exclusion for older people, as this demographic does not have access to the use of digital communications to help them fully participate in society.
  • Across the UK, 3 million people are offline (ONS 2020). Of these, 32% are aged 50-69, the majority (67%) being aged 70 or over – source https://t.co/Ff0H0VdR1y
  • Like CBDC’s, any attempt by companies to enforce access to services through the means of digital compliance, especially if this becomes linked to other forms of compliance, like a social and/or medical credit score, must be strenuously resisted for all age groups, not just the older demographic.

Please therefore join with us in educating people about the dangers of allowing companies to enforce such practices as requiring a QR code for store entry, and commit to also joining our campaign for #SmartPhoneFree Monday, as the first step to removing these devices from our lives.

Simply put, if enough people do not have smart phones, and so cannot download a QR code, companies such as Aldi will lose business and rethink their draconian store entry policies, as change happens when company profits are hit.

Help us get #SmartPhoneFree trending and join us every Monday when we will be ditching the tracking tool known as the smartphone.

If you want change, you have to do something. You cannot continue to complain about digital enslavement whilst holding the enabling tool in your hand. Join us. Be digitally free.