Redhill – Hold the Line

Hold The Line is a concept that The Awareness Foundation ( have brought to the UK in the wake of the pandemic. Inspired by The Baltic Way, a giant show of unity that was originally displayed back in 1989. The Baltic Way stretched some 612km, covering 3 countries, and was credited in contributing toward the fall of Communism at that time.

Hold The Line consists of human lines along the roadside, with people spreading out along pre-agreed routes. The aim is to stretch for as far as possible, in a series of highly visible unbroken chains. The joining of hands is a show of unity to display collectively that we are no longer willing to accept the abhorrent rules that have been imposed on our everyday lives.

Those who attend are afforded the collective opportunity to show, in their local area, their distrust of a system that has become more and more tyrannical over the past 18 months and meet like-minded freedom loving souls in the local regions where you are based. Building local community is now more important than ever, and this movement will give everyone who attends the opportunity to expand their local support network.

Hold The Line has an official Telegram channel:

This concept belongs to us all, so it is time for us to ALL put our differences aside and come together to HOLD THE LINE.


Feb 12 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm




Redhill, A23 in front of Halfords
A23 in front of Halfords, Redhill RH1 6RL