Medical Freedom Bill

Established within the wake of pandemic restrictions and starting out on Facebook, Save our Rights UK (SORUK) campaign tirelessly for real democracy and to preserve human rights and civil liberties. They have initiated a wide range of campaigns and demonstrations in the firm belief that governments should serve the people and act in our interests rather than for the benefit of corrupt global mega corporations and “archaic institutions”.


At the forefront of SORUK’s campaigns is their call for a “Medical Freedom Bill” to safeguard the freedom and bodily autonomy of every individual in the country. Such a bill would ensure that nobody is discriminated against and denied access to services because of their personal medical choices.

One of their fortes is producing open letters, including to Boris Johnson, which anybody can sign to provide their support. They also compose letters which individuals can send to their MP at just a few clicks of a button – just search for your MP by your post code, enter your details and the letter will be sent for you.

Visit the website link below for more information about the SORUK Medical Freedom Bill campaign.