Workers of England Union


The Workers of England Union is an independent trade union with thousands of members across a wide spectrum of occupations and professions. The union is committed to defending employee’s rights against coercive covid interventions in the workplace, including face coverings, regular testing and “no jab, no job” policy.

Unison trade union abandons members to vaccine coercion

For more information, the Union’s website explains further about how membership works and the fees involved.

Dr Niall McRae is a senior lecturer in mental health at King’s College London and undertakes research for David Kurten and Peter Whittle of the London Assembly. He is also a Carshalton Stand in the Park supporter and regular contributor to alternative media channels including The Light newspaper and Unity News Network.

Dr McRae is an officer of the Workers for England Union whose efforts are currently focused on supporting Care Home workers faced with mandation of the Covid vaccination within their workplaces. He spoke at the Canterbury Freedom rally on 24th July 2021.