Carshalton Stand In The Park

Welcome to the Carshalton Stand In The Park. We would love to see you in person! Come and say “hello”.
We meet twice a week, every week, in Carshalton.

Every Sunday at 10am we are in Grove Park (aka Carshalton Ponds). We meet by the basketball court.
At 11am on a Sunday we move onto the High Street with our banners and yellow boards, where we also hand out topical leaflets and The Light newspaper. We are there till 12.30.

On Thursdays we are again on the High Street from 6.00 till 7.30pm.

We have a Telegram group where we discuss campaign issues and ways to be more active. We also have a Telegram chat group where you can discuss the latest news and information, post interesting videos and links, and give your views, secure in the knowledge that you are in a safe place and amongst understanding friends. These Telegram groups are private, so come along and meet us on a Sunday or Thursday, and we can add you.

Social Events
We organise various social events, including a weekly get together in a pub, the occasional party, and visits to local gigs. It is up to you whether or how much you want to be involved.

Get in Touch
Fee free to contact us by email: