Freedom Rallies

If you have been following the Mainstream Media for your news, you may not know that regular demonstrations have been taking place across the UK, and internationally, against government responses to the pandemic.

With numbers in attendance at some marches estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, people of all ages and from all walks of life have been joining to express their concerns and disapproval about our growing loss of freedom and the encroachment upon our rights and liberties.

There are now several groups organising such events in the UK with the main ones listed below.


Established within the wake of pandemic restrictions and starting out on Facebook, Save our Rights UK (SORUK) campaign tirelessly for real democracy and to preserve human rights and civil liberties. They have initiated a wide range of campaigns and demonstrations in the firm belief that governments should serve the people and act in our interests rather than for the benefit of corrupt global mega corporations and “archaic institutions”.


StandUpX believe that pandemic measures are illegal and disproportionate and therefore take a stance of non-consent. They oppose the new normal, “forced, coerced or mandated injections” and surveillance tracking of which they believe 5G, as part of this infrastructure, is a danger to privacy and health. After forming in May 2020, their mission is to challenge and resist the demolition of human freedoms.


Official Voice describe themselves as a “collective forum of like minded truth seekers utilising the power of social media as a mouth piece”. They were formed in March 2021 to focus on actions to bring back our rights and freedoms, to share their truth and strive for the people to be heard.


World Wide Demonstration is an internationally coordinated syndicate that arranges world wide rallies on set dates in order to push back against coronavirus restrictions. They stand for freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom of assembly and freedom of health. The events are more closely organised at a grass roots local level in a decentralised manner. Within the South East region, World Wide Demonstration events have taken place in London and Canterbury.

The Hugo Talks video below, featuring aerial images of the 26th June 2021 demonstration in London, shows how popular the events are becoming and the weight of numbers now attending such marches. You won’t find this reported in the Mainstream Media!