The Children’s Union

Local Surrey resident Ross Butler, out of deep concern for the impact the pandemic response is having upon our nation’s youth, has founded the ‘Children’s Union’ which aims to once again put children first. Children are unable to have a political voice of their own and rely on adults to protect their interests, but their needs appear to be increasingly forgotten within the midst of recent policy decisions.

Adults can become members of the Children’s Union and sign up to the free newsletter by visiting

Ross Butler speaks below about his reasons for establishing the Children’s Union. He feels that children are paying the highest price for the pandemic reaction – a sacrifice which has not been justified and has failed to achieve any good. It is now time to acknowledge the harm that has been wrought upon our nation’s children and admit the mistakes of the restrictions that have been imposed.


The Children’s Union have launched a campaign calling for the Covid vaccine roll-out to children to be paused in light of the emergence of alarming risks to younger cohorts from the injections with no apparent benefit.

The Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Group, led by Dr Ros Jones and comprised of more than 100 healthcare professionals, have penned a letter to the JCVI calling for an investigation into serious new risks that Covid vaccines may pose to children. The letter can be found at where it can be co-signed by willing supporters.

The leaflet below contains further information as to how to get involved and which can be shared with GPs and healthcare professionals.